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1. Digital cameras, amateur and pro
It's harder to say exactly what kind of camera any one person needs, so we lack for an easy, cover-it-all buying guide link here. One site, however, does try to figure out what kind of camera you want, and then the camera that fits those needs according to outspoken camera geeks: BestInClass.

There's nothing quite like finding an actual, honest, unbiased opinion, especially in the technology arena. If you could get some sort of logic applied to the opinions as well, the value would go through the roof. That's the whole basis of BestInClass.

Shopping for Digital Cameras

The results are a nicely streamlined selection of reviews and buyer information, topped off with a specific camera BestInClass sees as your best bet.

The site has launched a digital camera recommendation service that helps consumers sort through all of this information in one place and answer the question: "what is the best digital camera for me?"

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