About BestInClass.com

BestInClass.com is a product recommendation service based on unbiased expert opinions. We want to provide the fastest and easiest way to get a good answer to the question, “What product is right for me?” We do that by finding qualified hobbyists and professionals and matching their product recommendations to consumer preferences using a fancy algorithm which took two years to develop.

We're focusing on digital cameras first because they comprise a challenging, popular category. There are many different cameras available, and the best one to choose depends upon many different factors such as intended uses, preferred size, available budget, and desired features.

Aren't there thousands of other sites doing the same thing?

There are plenty of other sites to help people do product research. They offer editorial and user reviews, which are great for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product, but do not directly answer the question of which product is best. Other sites provide filters on objective details like price and size. These filters are useful, but they can't go beyond the numbers to tell you which products have the highest quality and value and will work well for your purposes. Lots of great information is also buried in forums and comment threads, but it can be hard to find.

BestInClass.com is unique and better (we think) because it makes it easy to hone in on a handful of products that were recommended by real humans for your particular requirements. The recommendations take into consideration both objective needs like price and subjective considerations like quality and intended uses which cannot be captured on a manufacturer's specification sheet. If you want to know more, you can read why a particular product is recommended for you.

How do you make money?

Along with advertising, we earn affiliate fees when users go to online stores using our Where to Buy links and purchase cameras. This does not cost the consumer anything extra; it is essentially an advertising fee paid by the merchant. If you find BestInClass.com to be the helpful resource we believe it is when deciding what camera to buy, please show us some love by using our shopping and price comparison links!

We receive no incentives from camera manufacturers or merchants to recommend particular cameras. We only care about having high quality recommendations in our system for cameras that people can confidently purchase and enjoy.

Who are you?

BestInClass.com was founded by Dave King and Bill Lipa. Previously, Dave and Bill were co-founders of Pogo.com (see history), the leading Internet site for casual games in the United States, and a top-ten site measured by time spent online. After leaving Pogo, they decided to work on product research because they were frustrated by the difficulty of finding good advice on the best products to buy considering their preferences. Plus, the concept had nothing to do with games.

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The in-depth knowledge about cameras and photography that allows our site to make good camera recommendations comes from our awesome team of experts.

Where are you?

We're a Delaware corporation with our headquarters in Dover.

You can contact us, oddly enough, using our Contact Us page.