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Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for Child and Low Light Photos Under $200
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October 28, 2007 Updated: November 14, 2007

The new Canon A570IS combines a full feature set including optical image stabilization, full manual control (if you want it) and enough megapixels to get the job done, all for a very affordable price. A great family and vacation camera for those on a budget, it can take pictures in everything from low light situations to landscapes. The manual focus ability allows prefocusing, which lets you capture those shots where you don’t have a lot of time to waste, such as pictures of children or pets. The A570 IS allows the shooter exactly as much control as they want, from full manual to auto mode for those who want the true ‘point and shoot’ experience.

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Canon PowerShot A570 IS

The Canon A570 IS has it all on a budget.

  • The full range of controls, allowing the shooter the opportunity to experiment and grow in their skill is a wonderful addition to a point and shoot camera.
  • Image stabilization is such a welcome addition to low-light and telephoto shots, making the percentage of ‘keepers’ that much higher.
  • The manual focus option is a necessity for taking action shots, and the extra zoom range is always welcome.
  • The use of AA batteries means if you ever run out, the nearest store is bound to have some available.

Not having to worry about a proprietary lithium-ion battery makes the Canon more of a family camera, and the full controls offered will give you a wider range of shooting possibilities that you will doubtlessly encounter in a family setting.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS is the Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera for Child and Low Light Photos Under $200
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Canon PowerShot A570 IS
  • Zoom: 4.0x
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Resolution: 7.1MP
  • AF Shutter Lag: 0.5 - 0.7s
  • Max ISO: 1600
  • Easy to Use: Yes
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Nikon Coolpix S200

The S200 is one of the latest ultracompact offerings from Nikon, is a very stylish camera which also offers manual focus and image stabilization. It is a true point and shoot camera, with few manual controls, which takes great photos for people who like to ‘fire and forget’.

Nikon Coolpix S200 is one of the Best Point and Shoot Digital Cameras for Child and Low Light Photos Under $200
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Nikon Coolpix S200
  • Best Price: $279
    Amazon See It »
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